4 thoughts on “HALF A MILLION

  1. Lloyd – a bunch of those hits today will be from me. Seeing if I could find Hugh’s contact info I stumbled across your blog and got lost in time. Saw Oscar’s obit, Wyoming confab, songs I’d forgotten. Rolly Polly? I played that in the League of Weenies as you may recall. Oscar’s songs? Yes, indeed.

    Last saw Oscar in about 2008 – I’ll comment on that post. Last spoke to Hugh soon after but can’t find his number. Can you connect us? And come see the planetarium that I built in Manhattan. Fenster quote from Joni startled me – I quote “We are Stardust” every time I fly folks to the edge of the universe and back. Time and Space.

    BTW the link to Floating Away recording must have broken in the host switch – would be great to have that working. Cheers!

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