A newly restored version of this film will be playing at theaters around the country this summer — not in Las Vegas, you’ll notice, but it’s always a hard day’s night here.  If you’re going to be in any of the cities listed at the link below, check it out:


I saw the first showing of the film in Washington, D. C. when it came out with my friend Bill Bowman.  The theater was electric with excitement before the show, and when the United Artists logo came up on the screen, people (mostly girls) started screaming and didn’t stop until the film was over, with spikes of hysteria at the first appearance of each Beatle and during the songs.

I had to go see it again the next week, when things had calmed down a bit, just to hear what was going on on the soundtrack.

2 thoughts on “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT

  1. While u and Bill were seeing it that golden day in Washington, someone else was sitting in a theater in Ft. Myers, FL, to which he had been snatched from off the set of “The Journal of Jonathan Harker”, totally against his will. HDN was some compensation, and that indelible image of girls in prep school ties surrounding John and Paul as they sang “I Should Have Known Better” in the back of the train.

    • I wondered why you weren’t with Bill and me at that opening show. Of course, you and I saw it together on at least a couple of occasions later in the summer, after it hit the second-run theaters at lower prices.

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