This is a competently directed thriller with a preposterous but amusing premise and some snappy dialogue here and there.  It features two of the least appealing male stars in the history of cinema — Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze — but they both have some good moments and Reeves manages to make his synthetic character vaguely endearing.

I don’t know why the film has such a good reputation — it’s a respectable programmer at best, a Roger Corman potboiler with classier production values.

2 thoughts on “SHORT TAKE: POINT BREAK

  1. Look, I love a classic film just like everybody else, I guess. I mean, I just watched The Deerhunter and Taxi Driver in successive evenings……whew! But, I love Point Break! Why? You are right about the two lead guys and I guess the very brisk pacing of the film helps a lot! To me, it’s a bit like a Western…….you know…….good guys/bad guys! And I guess it has the kind of wistful (meaning it would never happen) ending! I mean why would Reeves travel all the way to Victoria, Australia, just to let this guy go again? I mean, seriously! But this movie certainly has something.

    • As I say, I think it’s a respectable entertainment — and a respectable entertainment is . . . worthy of respect!

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