Hipster irony is dead but it doesn’t know it — it still stalks the land like a vampire, sucking the sweetness out of life the way vampires suck blood.

Playing the above song once a week can ward off hipster irony from your home, just as a string of garlic hung over your bed can ward off vampires.

Prepare, beware . . . of the undead!

6 thoughts on “THE UNDEAD

  1. Ah, yes. Takes me back to when everything was gonna be wonderful and I didn’t yet know that a lot of people were assholes. Especially Mike Love.

      • Actually, Lloyd, it’s always intrigued me that the rest of the band and the record company seem to have been shocked by (and anti) ‘Pet Sounds’, and yet ‘Surfer Girl’, recorded two years or so earlier, was something of a precursor to where Brian Wilson was already headed.

        • Wilson said that “Smile” was conceived as a teenager’s prayer to God. A friend of mine once remarked, “Isn’t that what all his songs are?”

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