. . . at EMI for the newest Beatles album.  Defective LPs were very rare in the 60s, depressingly common in the 80s and 90s, when the music business was boosting the new CD format.  I continue to believe that record companies deliberately abandoned quality control standards for vinyl in order to get people to switch over to CDs.

The quality of pressings is much better today in the wake of the vinyl revival.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Castañeda . . .

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4 thoughts on “QUALITY CONTROL

  1. Wasn’t “Rubber Soul” the album with the glitch on it (a song made two false starts)?

    • That was on the American stereo release only, though it apparently originated on the stereo masters sent to Capitol by EMI. They were pretty cavalier about stereo versions back then — not a big source of revenue at the time. The Beatles rarely even listened to the stereo mixes, leaving them up to the engineers.

  2. Great shot. Is that the lady responsible for the 30 second, or whatever it was, gap late on side two of my LP of Abbey Road??

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