6 thoughts on “CANDY CORN

  1. It looks as though you’re holding your teeth in your hand and, if you eat enough of these, you will be.

  2. Even better — Indian corn. YUM. It gets harder and harder to find every year, though. 🙁 Brach’s used to sell bags of it around Hallowe’en but now I can only find it in bags mixed with the regular candy corn and those big round pumpkin-shaped candies, which are too hard and I give away.

  3. Yeah. Has to be a visual tripwire going on with candy corn. Those things are basically just a sweet near tasteless blend of sugar, corn syrup, wax, artificial coloring and binders. Nevertheless, they are hard to resist.

    “Confectioners Wax” = Reminds me of those liquid filled tubes I used to buy at the candy store when I was a kid. They also sold ones in the the shape of a soda bottle.

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