Every time there’s a new school shooting we get a look at the places American kids are educated these days and they’re always grim — like industrial warehouses, or abattoirs.  They seem more fit for holding animals than people, inhuman pens, purely utilitarian and forbidding.

Soulless buildings built by soulless architects for soulless citizens.  What a message to the young people of America, one they get almost every day of their lives.

7 thoughts on “HORROR

  1. Maybe if SOME of these kids parents got rid of their guns, it may stop SOME of these shootings! Even if it stops ONE shooting, it’s worth it. Come on guys, hand your useless guns in.

    • Apparently the Marysville shooter used his dad’s gun — if true, dad should go to jail for this.

  2. I think most of these school shootings have been kids using their parent(s) guns and surely some GOOD has to come out of them all handing their guns in. The parents here really should be charged with something/what?
    Sure, have guns in your house for whatever reason…………..but if you live with your children get rid of the guns NOW!!!
    I live in Australia……..we have guns here, but not as many as in the States! A school shooting over here just does NOT happen.
    We have major mass killings……..but they are rare and they NEVER happen in schools!

    • It seems reasonable to me to require parents to prohibit access to their guns by their kids — it’s not hard to keep them under lock and key when there are children living in the home. Failing to do this should be severely penalized. It won’t stop all kids from getting access to guns, but it would stop some of them.

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