4 thoughts on “CROSSROADS (LIVE ’68)

  1. Jack Bruce, R.I.P.! I have plenty of the Cream in my iTunes, and I think that I enjoy them now more than then.

  2. Great stuff, thanks. Robert Johnson for the mid-late 20th century. I wonder, do any of today’s hip-hop stars sample or otherwise reference him?

    RIP, Jack.

    YouTube also has a Blind Faith concert from 1969 in Hyde Park. Clapton was supposedly unhappy with it – me, not so much. Steve Winwood, in particular, is riveting. More recently I’ve been listening to a Ginger Baker show with Bill Frisell and another great bassist we lost this year, Charlie Haden.

    • All sounds great, Ken. I have mixed feelings about Clapton — more flash than soul, sometimes, but at his best he’s really exciting, and always impressive.

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