This is an interesting word.

In the conventional usage of organized Christianity it means passed (as in passed the test) or elected (as in elected to the club) or distinguished (as by a celestial diadem).

In everyday life it means rescued from disaster, which sort of rescue was the everyday business of Jesus.  Passing, election, distinction — he didn’t have time for that shit.  He had actual work to do, still does.

Organized Christianity, get the fuck out of his way — we don’t need you, he doesn’t need you . . . your time has come and gone.

2 thoughts on “SAVED

  1. Couldn’t agree rmore. I call myself a “Believer” now when asked (I do live in the bible belt) because I am truly afraid of what Jesus thinks of todays religion.

    • I call myself a follower of Rabbi Jeshua bar Joseph — the word Christian has been degraded beyond rescue, I fear.

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