I’m old, so I can say this with authority — one smile, one kiss, one hand warmly held can leave an imprint on a whole lifetime, like a watermark on a sheet of paper.  In the end it won’t matter what’s written on the paper, scribbled records of ecstasy or despair — the watermark will endure as a faint reminder of what’s eternal.

7 thoughts on “REMEMBER

  1. Hi Lloyd,
    As always, your writing is subtle and emotionally moving. Hope you are well. Happy New Year!

    John J. Kern

  2. Your words are totally true to life.
    Drawing on a phrase from Rattigan, such moments as you mention are a “flare path” to what’s eternal.

  3. Yes, the smallest of gestures, unplanned and given freely are the greatest of gifts. Happy New Year Lloyd!

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