The world needs to join ranks against radical Islam and wipe it off the face of the earth. We should start by using tactical nuclear weapons against troop concentrations of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria.  Killing large numbers of them quickly and efficiently is the only way to stop their momentum and the glamor of their success which attracts adherents.

When the last Pope suggested that Islam was a violent religion his remarks were met by riots around the Islamic world with people calling for the Pope to be beheaded.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the mastermind of the Boston Marathon bombings, was motivated by his outrage that people called Islam a violent religion.


You cannot reason with such people, you cannot negotiate with them — they inhabit a universe of irrational rage which can only be answered by sure and swift elimination.

I’m convinced that God will welcome these people into Heaven with opens arms and forgiveness, but we need to send them to Heaven as rapidly as we possibly can, to save the lives of countless innocents.

3 thoughts on “GOD IS GREAT

  1. For heaven’s sake, think of what the action you recommend would precipitate. It’s a dangerous fantasy to think the threat of radical Islam could be eliminated by nuclear strikes that would magically harm only the intended zealots–and have no consequences for others. Nuclear war is beyond the pale. So are fantasies of “eliminating” sectors of society–did the Holocaust and various “ethnic cleansings” teach us nothing?

  2. Sorry for last sentence; it’s irrelevant and wrong-headed, since you are speaking about eliminating enemy troops. In fact, I agree with you on everything except nuclear weapons. Surely “the world” could find a safer way to destroy these troops. In another fantasy, in 2002, my colleague Barry Alterman said, ”I spent my whole life being basically anti-war and an opponent of U.S. policies around the world, and now I’m a flag-waver. I don’t want to nuke ’em; I do want to smite them with the heavenly sword, I sure do.”

    • I did suggest tactical nuclear weapons, not strategic ones, but even tactical weapons wouldn’t be practical when ISIS is embedded among civilians in towns. I would favor smiting them in any way that would tend to dramatically deface their current image of omnipotence and impunity, which is currently *their* most effective weapon.

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