My book Fourteen Western Stories is available on Amazon for the Kindle and for free Kindle reading apps, which work on almost all computers and portable devices.  $2.99, but free to borrow by Kindle owners who are enrolled in Amazon Prime.

Here are the first two Amazon customer reviews for the collection:

These short stories are exactly what a good tale should be. They are great fun and perfect length to read during my commutes. Straight to the point no bulls*** story telling here folks. Strap on your boots and get ready for the ride.

Fantastic read! Best collection of short stories I have encountered since Elmore Leonard’s Fire in the Hole. These Westerns are funny, provocative, moving, familiar and strange all at the same time. The women characters are particularly stunning – they have substance and presence often lacking in more traditional Westerns. This collection is a potent and well-timed reminder of where we came from, and who we are as Americans. I just loved it

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