I'm a person with too many T-shirts — way
too many T-shirts.  Periodically I make vows not to buy any more
T-shirts, but sometimes you just can't help yourself.  Two years
ago, on a visit to Memphis, Tennessee, I couldn't resist buying a
T-shirt from Graceland, from the Sun Records studio and from the Stax

Recently I broke down again.  I bought two T-shirts featuring the
work of Fletcher Hanks, the worst comic book artist of all time, and
one featuring the work of Amy Crehore, a terrific painter (the design
is featured above.)

I really don't see how anyone could resist buying these T-shirts, so at the risk of enabling other people with T-shirt acquisition problems
I will add that the Tickler T can be had here and the Hanks Ts
here.  May I also remind you that T-shirt should always be spelled
with a capital T, because only the capital T reflects the shape of the
shirt.  A t-shirt would be some kind of turtleneck T.