Alaska is a very rich state — its coffers are overflowing . . . to the tune of a five billion-dollar surplus, mostly from oil-related revenues.  It still somehow manages to get more money per capita from the federal government than any other state.  (When Sarah Palin canceled the “bridge to nowhere”, she didn't send the money back to Washington — she just used it for other things in Alaska.)

I doubt if Palin has ever visited the meaner streets of South Chicago, where Barack Obama did the community service she finds so laughable.  It's possible that she's never met any truly, desperately poor people, unemployed, without health care, and no jobs, no hope in sight.

She should take a few moments and listen to Stephen Foster's beautiful song “Hard Times”, wonderfully sung by many people through the years but never better than by Bob Dylan on his album Good As I Been To You.  It might touch her heart, and the hearts of all the soi-disant Christians who laughed along with her at an example of actual Christian charity.

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  1. Not all people care that much… Poor people will never have anything to say about thei future until the day when they will be the real leaders of the country… This is my point of view and if anyone can prove me wrong… so be it…

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