Of course, you and I would never use that kind of language about Cindy McCain, even though she's now gone back to taking digs at Michelle Obama, after apologizing for doing so the first time.  “I've always been proud of my country,” says Cindy, with her cute little Sarah Palin smirk.  Why wouldn't she be proud of a country where a girl can inherit 100 million dollars, bust up a war hero's marriage and become the trophy wife of a pathetic old man who's got a shot at being President?  This is, truly, the land of opportunity — if you're very, very lucky and have no morals to speak of.

I'm sure John was just joking when he used the “c” word about his wife.  The guy has a sense of humor, after all.  Here's a joke he told at a Republican fund-raiser back in the 1990s:

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?  Because Janet Reno is her father.

When you and I hear things like that, we just laugh it off, right?  The phrase “sick, twisted motherfucker” doesn't even enter our minds.

Now jolly John has authorized robo-calls in battleground states reminding people that Barack Obama has “worked with a terrorist”.  I guess most of his supporters will be content to let a McCain administration take the appropriate action against Obama after John is elected President — putting the uppity young buck on trial as an accomplice to terrorism, of the
domestic variety.  Maybe one of those supporters will jump the gun, as it were, and go for some vigilante justice in the meantime — a time-honored tradition in this great country we're all so proud of.

That won't be John's fault, will it?  And it won't make Cindy any less proud of America.  Things happen to that sort when they step out of line.  (Cue cute Sarah Palin smirk.)  We're still the shining city on the hill, no matter how much blood runs down the hillside into the valley below — doesn't affect the view from the top of the heap at all.