The unarmed woman in the picture above was shot dead on the streets of Tehran today.  She was apparently standing off to the side with her father watching the protests when she was shot through the chest by a member of the official “militia” on a nearby rooftop.  I wonder how this brave and devout fellow is sleeping tonight.  I wonder how the sick, wicked old men who unleashed this horror are sleeping tonight.

It has been reported that the name of the murdered women is Neda — which is Farsi for “voice”.  It has not been silenced.  Her name has flown around the world on the Internet with the speed of angels in flight.  Pictures of her bloody face have been taken up by the protesters in Iran as a symbol of their rising.

I'm sorry to post it here — I know it's hard to look at — but it helps me realize that the hands reaching down to save her must be our hands, too.  We are all Iranians now.  An anonymous Tweet from someone in Iran:

I had one vote.  I gave it to Mousavi.  I have one life.  I will give it for freedom.

In terrible moments like this we realize how important and powerful one life can be.

Mousavi says he is ready for martyrdom.  Will the sick, wicked old men demand that of him?  If so, they will join the dust heap of history far quicker and far sooner than anyone could have imagined ten days ago.