As I've mentioned, Corinne is Cotty Chubb's daughter.  She's a college student, majoring in marine biology at UC Santa Barbara.  She's a very logical person and so had some difficulty trying to manage a posse of old, eccentric fogies like John's friends, who tend to throw logic to the winds when gathered together.  Eventually she gave up and settled for laughing at us, adding her own brand of good cheer to the proceedings.

She was also a recording angel, filming the lads' musical performances with her little HD camera and providing expert computer advice to her dad as he set up to record audio on Garage Band.

It is very surreal that Cotty has a 19 year-old daughter — beyond surreal that he has a 19 year-old daughter who now knows all the words to “Brake Fluid Druid”, a song Eli Dokson wrote in the early Seventies.  Here's a video of it she took, on YouTube:

“Brake Fluid Druid”

Circles within circles . . .