The crowd of friends assembled from around the nation to celebrate John's birthday was completed with the arrival of David Horgan, from Missoula, Montana.  Of all the musicians who met up and started playing with each other at Stanford, only David has made music his career, becoming in the process a world-class guitarist.  (He dashed off from the Wyoming gathering for a gig with Huey Lewis.)

David plays in a couple of bands in Missoula, including a salsa group and his flagship emsemble, The Big Sky Mudflaps.  He specializes in country swing, and brought his pedal-steel guitar to Wyoming, adding ethereal licks to the group's numbers.  The Mudflaps have recorded several CDs, which you can find here . . . and here's a link to a CD by Salsa Loca, the Latin band David plays in.  Reviewers tend to agree that it's ¡muy caliente!