I’ve unpublished this story on Amazon for the Kindle, because I decided to include it in a new collection, Twelve Western Stories, which I’ll be publishing in a month or two.

The story concerns two people who meet on the Hurricane deck of a steamboat traveling between Vicksburg and New Orleans in the year 1865. The young woman knows too little of life, the young man too much. They find themselves swept up in a reckless and most extraordinary adventure . . .

My neo-noir pulp thriller Bloodbath is still available for the Kindle on Amazon.

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  1. Hey Lloyd,
    Just bought and read MEXICO… It is a fun read (and educational too, as I learned a good deal about Nathan Bradford Forest AND how to play poker). Really enjoyed it.

    I gotta tell you: I was watching the little “percentage read” thing at the bottom of the kindle screen as I read from page to page, not sure where this story was going, and thinking “Man, I sure hope this doesn’t go “Tracker” on me”… but it did not, and it came to a very satisfying ending. Good job!

  2. Thanks for having a look at it, Jim — I’m really glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to write.

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