1. Hi Dear Lloydville
    Im Hesam Noroozi, a medical doctor, living in Shiraz,Iran. everyday one of my favorite web that I check is your website. its full of visual objects that motivate my vision and drive me sharp all the day. this photo is one of your unique photo in my professional yield. would you please write a more information about these wagons and their use?
    sincerely yours
    Hesam Noroozi MD,MPH

    • Hello, Hesam — I’m so glad that you enjoy the site! In the old-time American West there were many towns too small and too remote to have a doctor or a dentist or even a pharmacy, so doctors and dentists and pharmacists would travel from town to town in wagons like these offering medicine or medical services. They were not always honest or qualified professionals, and often the “medicine” they sold was just flavored alcohol with no therapeutic value, which gave rise to the term “snake-oil salesmen”, meaning people selling useless tonics.

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