5 thoughts on “FREE MONEY

    • Enjoyed it very much — you have a knack for that lean, mean style . . . the thing really pops.

      • You know I wrote it to submit to that online magazine that’s pubbing an Elmore Leonard tribute anthology — and they rejected it. Apparently I didn’t even make it past the slush reader. Fortunately I have a thick skinned ego so I figured, hah, the slush reader is a dope. And now that you’re telling me the story’s good, I _know_ the slush reader is a dope 🙂

        Did you submit to it?

        • I think I heard about it and then forgot about it. All the gatekeepers are dopes — the beauty of self-publishing is you just have to please the readers, who are not dopes. What they say goes, as far as I’m concerned. I work for them.

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