5 thoughts on “ALPINE, TEXAS

  1. If somebody can budge me out of McSorley’s circa 1912, I’d like to be taken here.

  2. Alternate Universe Pricing = Fried ham is twice as much as a hmaburger and swiss cheese is 5 cents more than the aforementioned burger.


    What gives, Alpine, Texas of 1935?

    • Must be related to local production — lots of cows around that part of Texas, fewer pigs, Swiss cheese an exotic import. I recently read a journal of a trip through Texas in the 1850s and it was the same — pork was highly prized, beef a boring alternative. Beef had almost no value in Texas back then, which is why ranchers started driving them a thousand miles to the new rail heads in Kansas in the 1860s, where they could be sold for a handsome profit.

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