The Beatles, commonly known as “The White Album”.

It was John Lennon’s favorite Beatles album but it’s my least favorite, because it’s so uneven . . . a lot of it feels like filler to me.  George Martin urged the lads to cut it down to a single LP and I think he was right.

Still, plenty of good music and fun, because Beatles.

This is the mono version — I don’t have any strong preferences between it and the stereo release.

6 thoughts on “WHAT I’M SPINNING NOW

  1. Which songs would you choose for a single lp? Perhaps it would be easier asking what would you leave off.

  2. I’ve always thought it should have been a three sided, two disc album. I think Johnny Winter put out one of those. The fourth side was slick as glass which was sort of cool. Here are the ten “filler” tracks I would omit (YMMV):
    Dear Prudence
    Glass Onion
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    Bungalow Bill
    Don’t Pass Me By
    Mother Nature’s Son
    Long, Long, Long
    Revolution 9
    Good Night

    • Interesting idea, but since the lads obviously didn’t think of any of the songs as filler it’s hard to imagine them not using an empty side to put them on. The beauty of modern technology is that it’s easy to create any version of “The White Album” one wants as a playlist or for burning to CD.

      • Yes and oddly enough, George Martin never thought to consult me or any other fifteen year old in Alabama! Here’s how much of a rube/babeinthewoods I was then: I bought the album for two reasons, first because of the plain white cover with just the embossed “The BEATLES” and second because of the shockingly high price of $7.99 which made me think “They must be really proud of this record.” When I opened it, at first I thought someone had made a mistake and packed two copies of the same LP in the package, then I noticed the different titles…

        • It came out when I was in college and a roommate bought a copy, so I didn’t have to. I loved it at the time but it hasn’t held up for me as well as most other Beatles albums.

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