4 thoughts on “FAITH

  1. The simple fact is these guys can’t take any criticism or humour aimed at them. This magazine did not only have a laugh at THEIR RELIGION, they have a laugh at ALL RELIGIONS!
    What a sad and miserable lot these terrorists are. When was the last time they had a laugh with their friends/family? Trained killers……….what happens when they run out of people to kill? They will kill each other! Maybe they should do that first!
    The Devil will be rubbing his hands together waiting for each and every one of these miserable creeps to be delivered to him!
    Please God, speed up this process!

      • Thank you for posting this image; it demonstrates solidarity with those who were murdered. How would one react if it showed the Torah and a rabbi? Maybe we are in the same camp as the murderers when we try to legislate against hate speech, which is one step away from what Orwell called thoughtcrime. In the meantime, faced by this horrific instance of what we call hate crime (in retaliation for hate speech), I am ashamed of this privileged debate.

        • I find the image above puerile and offensive — would feel the same if it depicted The Torah and a rabbi or a crucifix and a priest. Puerile and offensive images contain their own self-critique — getting morally outraged by such images is like getting morally outraged that children sometimes wet their beds.

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