Western Christians should not be smug about radical Islam.  John Calvin was a religious terrorist and murderer every bit as vile as the Muslim gunmen who killed twelve people in Paris on 7 January.  Today, he is revered as a saint by the Anglican Communion.

We rightly urge Islam to condemn the horrific acts done in its name, but those who continue to revere the monstrous Calvin cannot rightly join in this call.  Their hands still drip with the blood Calvin caused to be shed in the name of Jesus.

John Calvin was a sinner, like the rest of us, as deserving-undeserving of forgiveness as the rest of us, but celebrating him as a saint is one reason Christianity remains a moral joke in the modern world, with no authority to condemn the religious murders carried out by Muslims.


Incidentally, Martin Luther, even more revered than Calvin by modern Christians, did not believe in murdering people for harboring private beliefs he considered blasphemous.  He did believe in murdering them if they expressed their beliefs in public utterances.  He and the murderers of the Charlie Hebdo staff were thus on the same page, morally speaking.