When she died in 1990, Barbara Stanwyck was cremated and her ashes were spread, at her request, in Lone Pine, California, reportedly because she had enjoyed making Westerns there.

The Violent Men
(above) is the only Stanwyck Western I can track down that was shot in Lone Pine — there may have been others.

Lone Pine is haunted by many movie ghosts, because a lot of movies have been made in the beautiful country around it.  I felt their presence when I visited the place for the first time two years ago, but I didn't know then that Stanwyck was literally there, in the dust among the rocks, in the wind.  I need to go back now, and take some flowers.

2 thoughts on “WHERE BARBARA WENT

  1. It’s said there was no funeral or memorial for Barbara Stanwyck and that hter ashes were spread at Lone Pine, California. Who spread hers ashes? What happened to her estate and what happened to her adopted son ‘Dion’ Hays?

  2. Not sure about the disposition of her estate. I know she was more or less estranged from her son and living alone during the last part of her life. I read recently that a pilot friend of hers spread her ashes from the air over Lone Pine, as she had requested in her will.

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