If you own a Kindle and subscribe to Amazon Prime you can borrow my Western tale Missouri Green for free.  If not, you can download it for just $1.99 and read it on almost any computer or portable device with Amazon’s free Kindle Reading Apps, available here.

The year is 1849. A feisty young whore in New Orleans decides to light out for the goldfields of California and gets the bright idea of buying a slave, a sullen man seething with rage but infinitely resourceful and a crack shot, to help her make the overland journey. Neither of them can imagine the epic adventure that lies before them, the dangers, the magnificence, the heroism and the unlikely bond, stronger that any slaver’s chains, that will come to unite them. This is a Western tale, an American tale — a voyage into the wild and troubled heart of the American dream.

2 thoughts on “FREE TO BORROW!

  1. How could a book with the line ‘A feisty young whore in New Orleans’ used in its description not be worth a read? I’m looking forward to sitting down with it.

    • Hope you enjoy it, Paul — very grateful to you for taking a look!

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