past May, boxer Diego Corrales (above) died in a high-speed motorcycle crash
here in Las Vegas.  He’d been drinking and was driving without a
valid license — trying to outrun his demons, I guess, whatever they

Exactly two years to the day before his death he fought one of the
most remarkable fights in modern boxing history against Jose Luis
Castillo.  I was there.  Here’s my report of the fight,
written the day afterwards, reprinted as a tribute to a man who lived
out his “crowded hour” with distinction, honoring everyone who was privileged to see it:


8 May 2005

They’re already calling it a classic, one for the ages, the fight of
the year — a year which isn’t even half over and which has also seen
the recent epic combat between Morales and Pacquiao.

If you’re a member of the Fancy you know I’m talking about the awesome
battle between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo at the Mandalay
Bay Events Center in Las Vegas last night. If you’re not, take a look
at a rebroadcast or tape of the fight sometime and try to believe your
eyes. I saw it in person, and I still don’t believe mine . . .

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