Sorry — I mean reading proof, for the forthcoming paperback edition of my book.  It’s sort of the same thing.

Meanwhile, a new customer review of the Kindle edition on Amazon:

Mr. Fonvielle’s characterizations in “Fourteen Western Stories” people a world that is uncannily life-like, yet they are drawn from the edges, the strange and fragile limits, of human experience, and they seem to hunger for an escape from shadow, for a return to times and days that, for them, seem to have never existed.

Characters drive these stories

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14 WS Cover

Sure, you’ve bought this as an e-book. You’ve probably sent a few copies out as gifts to your friends. But it’s just not the same as placing a real book version on your coffee table, to impress visitors, or reading a real book version in Starbucks, where it’s sure to start up conversations with attractive strangers.

GirlsPlayingCardsStoryvilleBellocqBaja copy

Well, things are about to change — a hard copy version of the book will soon be available, thanks to the miracle of Amazon’s CreateSpace. If you can figure out how to format a text to the CreateSpace guidelines, and design a (somewhat) respectable cover on your own, Amazon will offer the book as a print-on-demand title, a real tome, with real pages you can flip through with your fingers!

14 WS 3D Cover

It costs the author nothing but a little time (o. k., a lot of time), and will cost you only $6.99 — $6.99 to hold this amazing book in your hands, and show the world what kind of taste as a reader you have.

Most importantly, the standard trade-paperback size of 6 x 9 means it will fit in all standard saddlebags! Wherever you and your horse can go, this book can go!

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Barack Obama has been the most relentless enemy of the Constitution in American history — there won’t be much of it left when he leaves office — so I found it hard to take anything he said today seriously after he perjured himself before God and man by swearing to preserve, protect and defend that document. He is the great Used Car Salesman of American Presidents.