The Bold Brace

There’s a story embedded in this image, though like all good stories its contours are unstable and its heart hidden. You will have to puzzle it out for yourself, and what you find may be different from what anyone else finds.

Image © 2012 Rebecca Rebouché.  You can see more work from the artist’s newest collection here.


We’re all worried, I know, about the victims of Sandy, but I can tell you my mind was put at ease when I saw the pictures of Mitt Romney loading a 12-pack of bottled water onto a truck. These weren’t 16-ounce bottles, either — they were 32-ouncers, a sign that Romney knows how serious the situation is.

It was impressive, too, that Romney was doing this in Ohio, the state hit hardest by the storm.  He could have gone to a battleground state like New Jersey, which suffered little damage but would have given him more useful exposure, but he wanted to be on the front lines, where the need was greatest.

God bless you — yes, God bless you, Mitt Romney!