. . . that there are still people who think Obama is “doing the best he can” and might secretly stand with the 99%.  What good is secret sympathy?  Has he uttered even a peep in support of the OWS goals or against the excessive force being used against the protesters?  Is he going to have to pick up a police baton and smash an old woman in the head with it before people get the message?


When Billionaire Bloomberg ordered the gasoline generators removed from Liberty Park, the resourceful occupiers brought in pedal-powered generators.

My friend Jae Song, who took the picture above, says it's amazing how much electrical equipment is being powered by pedaling.  And of course every push on the pedals is a quiet “fuck you” to Billionaire Bloomberg.
  I suspect that Billionaire Bloomberg jerks off to videos of the NYPD beating up the occupiers of Liberty Park, fantasizing about doing much worse things to them.  His liberal, populist facade lies in ruins now — he will never be able to reconstruct it.  Ha ha ha.