I’m very amused by the authors who have sided with Hachette in its dispute with Amazon about the pricing of e-books.  They want to be left out of the mix, while the two corporations sort out their differences.

Those differences concern a product, books, created by the authors in question.  The idea that authors should somehow be above the fray, and suffer no consequences from the fray — because they are artists? — when they and their works are what the fray is all about is either charmingly naive or utterly insane, depending on your point of view.

I’d go with insane.



This book is a genuine delight, witty, sometimes downright funny, learned and informative — a startling eye-opener about what’s really going on in The Lone Star State.  Whatever you think you know about Texas is probably wrong, due to the exaggerations of Texans themselves, the animus of pundits elsewhere, and a veritable tsunami of misinformation about the state currently inundating the culture.  Erica Grieder will set you right, though, in this very entertaining and illuminating book.  Grieder thinks for herself and has a passionate respect for facts, which makes her an oddball among modern journalists and a most refreshing one.

You can buy it here.